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Interview: Beauty and the Bloggers - Kainaz in conversation with Prateek and Kunal
Popular bloggers Kunal and Prateek in a freewheeling chat with their fellow contributing writer for Urban Shots - the upcoming actor and model, Kainaz Motivala
Prateek and Kainaz

1. How does it feels to be a part of Bollywood coming from the writing fraternity and how easy was the transition from being a Journalist to an actress and a model?
It feels great to be a part of the Indian film industry, I absolutely love my work. Honestly, it wasn't very difficult for me to make the transition. Making the decision to completely switch careers and go from my comfort zone into unknown territory was the scary part but once I was sure and made my decision, it felt liberating.

2 Kainaz, if you would like to relive an old moment of your from Jai Hind College days, what it would be?
College life was so much fun. I was in Jai Hind College since the 12th grade and then I did my BMM (Bachelor of Mass Media) from there as well. There isn't any single moment that would stand out. The years in Jai Hind BMM were the best, if I could I'd do college all over again! I love my teachers and have great respect for them, they've helped shape me into the free thinking person that I am today and they are still very supportive and encouraging. Some of my closest friends are also from college.

3 If given a chance what would be a role in a Hollywood and a Bollywood movie you would like to play and why?
I'm a huge fan of Liv Tyler and Lord of the Rings so I'd like to play the role of Arwen. It's one of my favourite films and I loved her role in it. I'd also love to play the role of Kareena's character, Geet in Jab We Met. It was a very powerful role and again a great film.

4 I'm a huge fan of both the movies. What do you think is the best and toughest part of joining one of the most glamorous and sought after careers in India?
I love my work Prateek, it makes me happy. In a way, it doesn't even feel like work. Also, you get direct appreciation, love and support for your work if the audience likes it and that of course is extremely gratifying. The toughest part is that it's difficult to get a break in the industry when you come from a total non-filmy background.

5 Rapid fire questions

Actors- Ranbir or Shahid?

Co-star - Konkana or Ayesha?
Konkona because I spent more time with her, but Ayesha's really sweet too.

Profession - Acting or Journalism?

Hobby- Dancing or Writing?

Favorite Movie?
So many of them, it's unfair to name just one!

An Actor you want to work with?
Shah Rukh Khan & Aamir Khan

An Actress you want to share screen space with?
Kareena Kapoor and Shabana Azmi

A Director whose film you would love to do?
Karan Johar, Aditya Chopra, Farhan Akhtar, Imtiaz Ali, Vishal's a long list, but I love their work!

Kunal's 'Love All' or my, 'Apple Pie and a Grey Sweater'?
I liked both, but I would say that I liked 'Love All' a little more.

Kunal and Kainaz

1 That's encouraging to hear Kainaz. How does it feel to be interviewed as against interviewing someone?
It's more fun, now that the tables have turned. It makes me feel special, given that I can connect with people and share my views and experiences. When you're interviewing someone, it's a lot more work!

2 What made you choose the subject you did for Urban Shots?
I don't want to spoil it for our readers, but the basic concept stems from my belief that you get what you need and deserve, it just doesn't always come in the shape, size and form that you expect.

3 What kind of books do you prefer reading?
I don't have a particular genre of books that I like reading, I enjoy all kinds of books. I love Sydney Sheldon and Agatha Christie's novels, I also like books like the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and the Harry Potter series. I also like sappy love stories like A Walk to Remember & P.S I Love You! It all depends on my mood.

4 You're an avid reader. Your favourite books?
It would be unfair to name one and it's hard to pick favourites. Each book has something different to offer, so it all depends on my state of mind.

5 Fair enough, I can't pick favourites either. You are fluent in 7 languages. Which ones did you enjoy learning the most?
Learning German was the most fun because I spent a year in Germany as an exchange student. I went to school there, lived with a German family, made German friends, watched German TV and I read German books. So for that one year, I was talking, walking, eating, sleeping German! It was great fun!

6 Das ist fantastisch! It must have been difficult ordering food initially. What is your favourite cuisine?
Italian and Chinese. I'm a complete foodie, I love experimenting with different cuisines!

7 A place where you want to spend a long weekend when you get one - in India and abroad?
I'm a beach person, so I'd go to Goa. It's such a vibrant place and the energy is so infectious! Abroad, I think I'd go to Disneyland or Las Vegas, I've always wanted to go there!

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