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William Golding's Lord of the Flies was rejected 20 times before being published.
James Joyce's bestselling Ulysses was judged 'obscene' and rejected by several publishers.
Dubliners also a modern classic by James Joyce was rejected 22 times.
Several of Isaac Asimov's stories were rejected, never sold, or eventually lost.
Some of Jack Kerouac's work was rejected as 'pornographic'.
Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen's Chicken Soup for the Soul received 134 rejections.
Self – Publishing

To quote from Wikipedia: "Self-publishing is the publication of any book or other media by the author of the work, without the involvement of an established third-party publisher. It is generally done at the expense of the author."

The disadvantages of Self Publishing:
  • Operational and financial burden of Self Publishing is on the Author - sales have to be made directly to distributors;
  • Requires understanding of trade and tie ups with Distributors. Most leading distributors do not support self - published books;
  • Promoting and marketing the book is the author’s responsibility;
  • Since no third party has vouched for the quality of the content, reviewers and critics tend to ignore the book;

"You don't write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say." — F. Scott Fitzgerald

This is where Plan D steps in. We help bring, what you have to say, to the Indian market. We are not a self - publishing option. Self - publishing firms are more or less glorified printers who offer additional services like typesetting and cover design. In short, we help you take your book to the audience. With our knowledge of the industry and publishing expertise, given the backbone of Grey Oak, we provide the author with operational help in terms of proof - reading, cover design, typesetting, printing, marketing and distribution. Having a number of services under a single umbrella makes Plan D a viable co - publishing option for an aspiring author.

Why Co – Publish with Plan D?
  • You've obviously considered other options are you may not have been able to find a good publisher. This helps take your book to the market without compromise on quality;
  • Your book might have the potential but has not been recognized, or where publishers have had a full list and are unable to take it on;
  • In today's day and age you can easily find people to help you design covers and edit your book as freelancers. You can bring something attractive to the market, without going through a time consuming process of getting it accepted by big publishers;
  • You're the Boss! You can take the decisions on editorial content and cover design. Often, writers are at loggerheads with editors and publishers on changes in content, which you may not want.
The Plan D advantage:

  • Leading bookstores and distributors are hesitant to accept such books, this is where Plan D will help/assist the author in limited distribution;
  • Plan D cannot guarantee sales but can help in distributing the books to leading bookstores across India through our network of reputed distributors and the strong working relationship we enjoy with leading stores and online retailers;
  • Plan D offers integrated services such as proof - reading, cover design, typesetting and printing. This saves the author the hassle of arranging these services individually, the costs of which can be prohibitive.
  • Ability to take on and publish books on niche subjects which large publishers are apprehensive about;
  • The book makes it to the market faster with the author as decision maker on editorial content, cover design and other aspects;
  • Plan D will also support the author on its Web page, Twitter and Facebook profiles.

The Options offered:

Services offered by Plan D come at a very reasonable cost.
  • Cover design services are offered by us, but the illustration, picture, design, etc. is to be provided by the author.
  • Option 1 - Typically for a 200-250 page book the cost of printing, type setting, cover design, proof reading and distribution effort would be Rs. 85/copy for 600 copies with Plan D. This does not include marketing support. If required, it would entail a fee of Rs 7,500 for a list of services (this will be intimated when requested and it does not include publicity);
  • Option 2 - Typically for a 200-250 page book the cost of printing, type - setting, cover design, proof reading and distribution effort would be Rs. 70/copy for 1200 copies with Plan D. Limited marketing support in the form of organizing 1-2 Book Reading Events and online promotions is for Option 2 only.
  • Over and above this we will take 15% on Net MRP on sales made through Plan D's distribution efforts on the 1st print run. On 2nd and subsequent print runs this will reduce to 12% on Net MRP on copies sold by/ through our distribution efforts.
  • The above mentioned quotes in both options are for a 40,000 – 60,000 word count.
  • Plan D + - We could also offer customized solutions for coffee table books, as well as vanity publishing titles that require editorial support as well as publicity and marketing. The rates will be worked out depending on the effort estimates based on services required.
Note - The price of the book (MRP) is up to the author to decide. However, books aimed at a niche audience should preferably be priced between Rs.150 – 300, pricing higher than this is considered unviable, and we would not support such projects for Option 1 and 2. This category of books can be considered under Plan D +

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